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Colleen Claire Naughton commented on the event Let's voice our dissent to the plan to destroy Tampa

Let's voice our dissent to the plan to destroy Tampa

Wednesday, Jun 22, 6 pm
Board of County Commission Chambers, 2nd Floor @ 601 E Kennedy Blvd, Downtown Tampa

Bicycle Club,

There will be a public hearing on the "TBX" plan to expand interstate highways within the city of Tampa next week. This plan is anti-progressive, and will demolish historic properties and create more urban sprawl, further reducing the viability of relying on a bicycle for transit. It will cost billions of taxpayer dollars while projects to improve bike-ability and walk-ability get pennies by comparison. It is crucial that enlightened people like Bicycle Club members...

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Colleen Claire Naughton

I contacted Guffran, but he has not responded. Me and another person would like to bike down to the hearing. We could leave from campus and I may be able to get some more people from my department. What is the plan?

Luke C Wassermann commented on the event Fix It Seminar: Learn to Fix your Bike

Fix It Seminar: Learn to Fix your Bike

Friday, Apr 29, 4:30 pm
FixIt Station near front entrance of USF Campus Recreation Center

FixIt stations have popped up all over campus, Temple Terrace, and Downtown Tampa in the last few years. You can spot them in almost every parking garage, and in front of the Campus Rec Center. These stations have air pumps, and an assortment of tools which can be used to do basic bicycle repairs. But how many of you know how to make use of them?

Join us at this seminar to learn how to make some important adjustments and repairs to your bicycle. With this knowledge you can fix your...

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Matthew L Kessler

Wish you had this during the week...this is a great idea!

Luke C Wassermann

If anybody has time to make a flyer, which we could post on the stations posts themselves at the various on and off campus locations, that would be great.

Luke C Wassermann

I hope you are looking forward to the seminar next Friday. In order to cut down on costs, and the waste produced from this event, we are requesting that you bring your own cup/bottle, plate, and eating utensils if you plan to eat and drink. There will be gallon jugs of fresh lemonade, salmon/quinoa, fruit, chees, and veggie trays, and guacamole. Everything is being delivered by Jason's Deli. Thanks for your help in making this event a success.

Cyclovia: Temple Terrace

Sunday, May 15, 9 am
56th St, between Whiteway Dr and Busch Blvd, Temple Terrace, FL

Cyclovia (also referred to as Ciclovía or Open Streets) is based on the Spanish word for "cycle path." Ciclovía is a weekly tradition that started in Bogotá, Colombia, which temporarily closes major city streets to car traffic and converts them into safe and open, car-free environments for families to run, bike, play, and have fun together.

The practice has become a worldwide phenomenon reaching Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru,...

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National Bike to Work Day

Sunday, Mar 20, All Day
University of South Florida

May is National Bike Month, and USF will recognize National Bike to Work day on Friday, May 20th. This is perfect because it is also the 3rd Friday of the Month, the day when Bicycle Club has our monthly ride. So bike to campus that day and join us for a nice Friday afternoon ride through Temple Terrace before you head home for the weekend!

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Great American Cleanup: Fletcher Ave Adopt-a-Road

Saturday, Mar 5, 9:30 am
Fletcher Ave

Bicycle Club will be cleaning up the section of Fletcher Ave which we have adopted to coincide with the Great American Cleanup organized by Keep America Beautiful.

For more information about this national event, please visit

More details will be posted about exactly where we will meet and how we will get the job done, but in the meantime, RSVP if you want to join us.

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Luke C Wassermann commented on the event Fight Bike Theft on Campus

Fight Bike Theft on Campus

Friday, Dec 4, 2:30 pm
South Side of Marshall Student Center (meet at the Bulls)

We're going to meet, split up into pairs, and quickly canvas the campus to hang door tags on bikes which are not properly locked up with a steel U-lock to warn the owners of the high risk of bicycle theft. If you can't make this time, you are also welcome to pick up some door tags and ride around on your own to tag bikes.

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Bryan M Mitchell

This is a great idea!

Stefani Vasileva Milovanska

That's a good idea. I wish I could come but my bike was stolen some time at the beginning of the semester. That was why I attended only the first event of the club. I'm sorry about that. Good luck on the final exams and have a wonderful Christmas holiday after that!! :))

Luke C Wassermann

Stefani, I'm so sorry to hear that your bike was stolen. This is a perfect example of why we need to do this event. People come to study at USF from all over the country and world, many from places where bike theft is not common. They aren't aware of how serious the problem is until it is too late. Hopefully Bicycle Club can warn people about this. It would probably be good for us to do this every semester during the time when new students arrive.

Myles O'Mara commented on the event Orange is the New Green

Orange is the New Green

Wednesday, Nov 18, 11 am
Crescent Hill Lawn (north side of Marshall Student Center)

This event is being put on NextGen Climate and Bicycle Club was invited to attend. Here is the description I received:

This is an environmental event where we talk about clean energy and holding political officials accountable for their actions. I would like for your organization to come and partner up with NextGen and even talk about your thoughts on certain issues. This is one big social that would bring our community together and there will be music and food.  I also...

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Mark Ryan Holbert

I will be there and can volunteer, just let me know when to show!

Myles O'Mara

I also can attend and will volunteer as well (shirt size M?).

Emma Violeta Lopez commented on the event Bicycle Celebration (Bulls Walk & Bike Week)

Bicycle Celebration (Bulls Walk & Bike Week)

Thursday, Sep 3, 11:30 am
Crescent Hill Lawn (north side of Marshall Student Center)

The USF Bulls Walk and Bike Week is an event to actively promote pedestrian and bicycle safety to the University community. Following the Bicycle Celebration at 11:30, there will be a bicycle ride around campus starting at 12:15.

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Luke C Wassermann

For those of you planning to attend this event, if you would like a Walk and Bike Week T-shirt, please leave a comment here with your t-shirt size. I need to tell the event organizers how many t-shirts to provide our club. Thanks!

Emma Violeta Lopez

Hi I would like a T-shirt. Size "small" please. :)

Bikeability Assessment

Friday, Feb 20, 12 pm
Fowler Avenue and 56th Street

For more information contact:

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Limited spaces available