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Welcome to the International Law Society! If you see the world as a global community, like to keep up on world events, or just like to travel...then this is the org for you. Our goal is to offer unique events that educate our members on the rule of law, economics of trade and development, global health concerns, national security, and international human rights. We are always open to suggestions, and we encourage students to be curious about global issues. Please join us and share your interest in the world!

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ILS brings together students with an interest in international law to listen to speakers, collaborate on projects, and plan events. Our goals are to promote diverse studies, educate other students, and provide opportunities to network with professionals working in international law.


Special Interest

Advisor Name

Luz Nagle

Officer #1 Name

Kai Su

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Officer #2 Name

Barbara Negron

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Vice President

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Charles Brady

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Stephanie Mas

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What events are you planning to hold this year?

These events can be "tentative" -we'd just like to get an idea of what you have planned.

General body meeting
Pathways to employment in international law panel
Comparative law speaker
Networking event