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Aloha friends!

Welcome to our page; feel free to explore our events. Our main goal is to spread awareness and build appreciation of the Hawaiian, Asian, and Pasifika cultures. We have a lot of opportunities for you to learn more about us! We hope to see you at our meetings and events. For more updates, you can follow us on Twitter @HAPA_MU


Hawaiian Asian Pacific Islander Association.

Portal Information


HAPA promotes the Hawaiian, Asian, and Pasifika cultures.This organization works to show awareness and appreciation of the different cultures. HAPA focuses on protecting Hawaiian, Asian, and Pasifika identities and acting as a resource for students and faculty.
Overall, HAPA will strengthen the Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Islander cultures on Maryville University's campus.



President 1 Name

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Tommica Courtney Pope

President 1 Email

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Tiffany Reed

Advisor 1 Email